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I'm on a Boat - Collab

2009-03-21 03:12:58 by Zuggz

Forum Post of Collab

Parts List
Part 1 10JD [Complete]
Part 2 Jibbodahibbo [Complete]
Part 3 Kamize [Complete]
Part 4
Part 5 Zuggz [Complete]
Part 6
Part 7 Secondstamp [Complete]
Part 8 Medoukali-Vincent [Complete]
Part 9 Fjgamer [Complete]
Part 10
Part 11 Dynaro [Complete]

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2009-03-21 14:29:04

OMG I Pm'd u but can i do part 1 & 2

Zuggz responds:

Part 1 is all yours!


2009-03-21 15:40:25

ok, im gonna go ahead and do part 1 then :3

Zuggz responds:

Sweet, have fun with it!


2009-03-21 22:55:35

Im so in.

Zuggz responds:

Glad to have you on board!


2009-03-22 00:27:12

I'll do a little work tomorrow, but I won't really get anything done until Wednesday or Thursday.

Zuggz responds:

kk, no rush. we have lots of time :D make your part badass!